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October 27, 2009

Visual proof, for the naysayers


"Fuck you, you fucking dick. Always naysaying." -- Jack Black

An email I just received from the guy who got burnt by Shakur:

Hey Byron,

For the naysayers that think I'm lying about my condition or health that was transimitted to me from Shakur. Attached are before and after pictures of Shakur, she took the camera picture in my car the day I picked her up from the airport, after being gone for a couple weeks, when she got her nose and lips done. I refuse to put my pictures up with Shakur because I didn't ask to be subjected to this, nor do I want pictures of me and her on the Internets to be a constant reminder of what she did to me. Since she wants to be famous and in the public eye I feel the truth should be out there about her also.

You can understand why this guy wouldn't want any pictures of himself on the Internets, what with his condition.

After the jump is the picture of her in his car, post-plastic surgery.


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