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September 01, 2009

Cam Hoo-er Spotlight: Kayla Curves


Speaking of hoo-ers, props to World Star for featuring Kayla Curves aka GND Kayla in one of their latest cam hoo-er clips.

I've stumbled upon her work (on accident, natch) on a number of occasions but I never bothered looking at any of it until just now. I always thought she looked like one of those white chicks you see walking around Wal-Mart with a black guy on a Saturday afternoon, buying Pampers for our future president. And yeah, she kinda does, but she has a much better body than I thought. She's a lot less chubby than she looks in the face.

I put my world renown pr0n sleuthing skills to work (read I consulted the Google) and I turned up all sorts of information on this hoo-er. She has her own pr0n site and a YouTube account, which aren't too hard to find. There's also a Yahoo! group (remember that shit?) where she's trying to hawk a DVD of herself giving a guy a blowski. It's a bit pricey, but it comes with a free cam show. So if I was gonna get a cam show anyway, I'd probably just get the one that comes with the DVD. I wonder if she does the same thing in a free cam show as she does in one that costs money. For that matter, I wonder if she does anything different from what I've... um, heard she does in some of the videos of her floating around on the Internets.

Perhaps most fascinating was her MySpace profile. Under interests it says, "i watch allot of t.v, i sit at home all day what else am i going to do?" And then under heroes it says, "People who inspire me, those that think outside the box, push the boundaries and dont just do something because theyre told....and actually accomplish things because of it." Is it any wonder she became a professional cam hoo-er? If you had the tools and the talent, you could probably put together a program that goes through MySpace and finds girls with similar interests, to take advantage of. I wonder if that's what that guy Beaver Phillips did.


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