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July 08, 2009

Quoted: Peter Rosenberg on how big a loser I am

Bestus buds on the prowl for nappy headed hoes

From an interview by Robbie from Unkut, as part of his new series on non-rapper dudes.

Robbie: How’s everything going with your buddy Byron Crawford?

Rosenberg: See, you’re on point, ‘cos this is the one place where I would actually feel comfortable mentioning that fuckin’ losers’ name is on your site, because I know it’s a specific audience that already knows who that dude is, because the last thing I wanna do is give that fuckin’ dude shine. The one thing everyone that everyone has in common that he’s talked shit about is that no one knows who he is when he does it. Everyone’s like, ‘Who is fuckin’ Byron Crawford?’ Including me! I didn’t know who he was. Asher Roth hit me one day, ‘Who’s Byron Crawford? He said some really crazy shit about me’. I’m like, ‘Homey, that’s what he does. Just don’t say a word about the dude because the only reason he says it is so you’ll respond’, and that fuckin’ makes him think his dick is bigger is if someone like Asher Roth would respond. I sonned the dude because I never gave him the response that he wanted. But honestly, people like Byron Crawford, the saddest thing about it is they think that they’re contributing to the game. I don’t understand how just sending negative vibes to rappers, DJ’s, video chicks – throwing hate at everyone who’s more involved in hip-hop than you are - is credible or relevant. When you spend your days working at a Wal-Mart in St. Louis and going home to your computer, never setting foot in the hip-hop world…That’s the lamest thing about Byron Crawford, the thing that makes him such a sad soul, is that he’s not a part of it. He doesn’t ever interview anyone, he doesn’t set-foot in New York City. When I make my jokes or I go on and critique artists, the next time I go out to an event I know there’s a chance that I’m gonna run into them and be confronted on whatever I said. That’s a risk I run.

Robbie: So it’s a case of accountability?

Rosenberg: Yeah, exactly. I have to be mindful of what I say. Being fuckin’ on a big-time outlet like Hot 97 – just about as big of a hip-hop outlet as you can be – there’s responsibility that goes with that. But when you’re a nobody that sits around by a computer…

Robbie: So what was his issue with you exactly?

Rosenberg: His issue with me was I think just pretty much straight anti-semitism. I’m not one of those Jewish people who sit around complaining about what little of prejudice I have to deal with, but I’m not gonna lie – the amount of anti-Jewish shit I read from day-to-day is significant, on the internet. I never encounter any of it in real life, but on the internet? You run into your fair share of it. I don’t think with Byron Crawford…he seems like a kinda smart dude, so I doubt he’s really even anti-Jewish – which is kinda the sadder part about it – I think he just likes putting out negative energy and get people to talk, but the shit he wrote about me and my father was just literally completely fabricated. The only reason I sound slightly bent out of shape about it – even though I don’t even think about it anymore, I was annoyed about it the first couple of days – was that he wrote shit about my father. Imagine reading shit about your family does that is the exact of what they stand for and do? So that was fuckin’ annoying. I didn’t want to respond and give him any shine, so you just have to sit there and eat the fact that people are gonna read bullshit about you and your family, so that kinda sucks. Granted, it’s only gonna be 200 people who read about it, but it’s still annoying.

Checkit: Non-Rapper Dude Series: Peter Rosenberg [Unkut]

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