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June 29, 2009

I was drinking wine before it was all trendy


Crab meats alert: About a minute and a half into the new Jay-Z video, he sips a glass of wine as if he's the only person in the hip-hop community to ever drink any wine that didn't taste like strawberries.

And who knows, he might be. Hip-hop is full of songs about drinking malt liquor, champagne, vodka and cognac, but you don't really hear much talk of wine-drinking. Lil Jon has his own wine that supposedly actually won an award, but he's secretly the son of two rocket scientists, so he doesn't really count.

If you know anything about these Jay-Z videos, you know he probably struck a deal with some company to have their wine featured, just like he did with Ace of Spades champagne in the first videos off Kingdom Come and American Gangster. In fact, don't be surprised if the bottle in this new video is from the same company that makes Ace of Spades.

Normally, this is the part where I get on Jay-Z for being such a shill, but at least this time it's wine he's shilling for. I wonder if he can turn it into an inexplicable trend, like he did with button down shirts, aka button ups. As Dallas Penn would say, I fucks with Yellow Tail hardbody. No Boutros.

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