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May 27, 2009

How did Kelly Divine's ass get so big?


Do black guys seek white women with huge asses to have sex with, or does having sex with black guys cause white women to grow huge asses?

The former seems like the reasonable, scientifically tenable answer, but in this interview with Black Pacino of the blog The Spizzy, Kelly Divine suggests it might be the latter.

To wit:

Pacino: Yay!!  With a booty like that did you have a lot of Black dudes hittin’ on you when you were coming up? You know how we love “junk in the trunk.”

Divine: Yes! That and because I grew up in Chester (Pennsylvania) which is a predominately Black neighborhood. I think all the brotherly love is what made my butt get bigger… my ass is an attention whore!

Other topics discussed include how she likes to be banged when she's not on film, and whether or not she's willing to admit to having a troubled upbringing.

Checkit: Kelly Divine Intervention [The Spizzy]

And after the jump is that video she did for World Star.

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