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February 09, 2009

Obama should pardon Mumia Abu-Jamal


According to Last Week's Poll
As far as I know, presidents are allowed to pardon people whenever they want, but they usually wait until the very end of their term, let alone if it's someone who's controversial. Why run the risk of ruining your approval rating until it doesn't matter whether or not anyone likes you?

Even if Barack Obama was gonna pardon either of these two, which I'm sure he won't, he'd probably have to wait another four years, if not another eight years. Which would suck, if you're Mumia-Abu Jamal or Max Hardcore. Jamal could fuck around and get the chair before the Obama presidency runs its course. And it's not like they're gonna hold off on executing, just to see if Obama will grow a pair. (Will they?) Max Hardcore isn't on death row, but he makes pr0n films with young women dressed to look like little girls. If people in prison find that out, they might rape him in his ass or even kill him.

Last week's poll had to do with who President Obama should pardon, Mumia Abu-Jamal, or Max Hardcore. Check the results.

Who should Obama pardon?

  1. Mumia Abu-Jamal (60%)
  2. Max Hardcore (40%)

Total Votes: 270

As is often the case with these polls, this one's a little bit flawed. Obama could just as easily pardon both of them, if he wanted to (though a separate poll might seek to determine which would be a greater liability to his legacy). But let's just pretend he only had one more pardon to give away, and it had to go to either of these two.

Mumia Abu-Jamal has an advantage, in that we don't know for a fact that he's guilty of the crime for which he might be executed. The strongest argument I've heard in favor of executing him is Michael Moore's theory that it would help bridge the gap in the electorate if he went ahead and fried him, regardless of whether or not he actually did it. And that's somewhat moot, now that we've got a black president, and things are gonna be all better. But I've heard plenety of convincing evidence that, at the very least, he might not have done it. And I thought that, if you can't prove within a shadow of a doubt that someone's guitly of something, that means they're innocent. (Keep in mind I was pre-med.)

I thought this was America, people.

Speaking of which, since when was it illegal to fuck a girls who's dressed up as an 8 year-old? I can hardly pop a rod for a girl who looks any older than 25. The fuck? When I put together this poll, I did a little research to make sure Max Hardcore wasn't actually having sex with children, or filming someone else having sex with children, and apparently he wasn't. So you could argue that he has even more of an advantage here, in that the shit he was charged with isn't even a crime, though we know for a fact that he did it.

On the basis of that reasoning, I had to go with Max Hardcore, even though he isn't black. It was tough, though, when you think about it. If this was a black guy making movies of people having sex with young white girls, something tells me he wouldn't even have made it to trial. It's a good thing I'm as fair and openminded as I am.

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