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February 09, 2009

Does Jay-Z have herpes?


Beyonce might wanna watch where she puts her lips.

I did a post for XXL today about how Chris Brown had to lay hands on Rihanna, and I speculated that she might have gotten herpes from T.I.

We know for a fact that Rihanna has a nasty cold sore on her lips, and we also know, because it says so over at Sandra Rose, that she got it on with one of the rappers who performed at the Grammys last night, and that might be how she got it. Also, the hepes might have played a role in the subsequent beatdown.

I figured she might have gotten it from T.I., since I saw on World Star that he performed "Swagger Like Us" last night, and because I'd just read something about T.I., and because it made a good setup for a joke I wanted to use about him having to stand on a chair to make love to a tall woman.

But as some guy pointed out in the comments section, I've done my share of speculation over the years as to whether or not Jay-Z has had sex with women in general Rihanna. The two of them have long been suspected of being intimate with one another. And who else could it have been? Lil Wayne?

Only then did it occur to me that Sandra Rose said that the rapper who posted up in Rihanna is married, and I don't think T.I. is actually married to Tiny, nor is anyone else on "Swagger Like Us."

Conclusion: Jay-Z may or may not have herpes.

Checkit: You never know what you'll catch [XXL]

And after the jump is a video of T.I. et al. performing "Swagger Like Us."

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