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January 30, 2009

Quoted: Dream Hampton on occupation, democracy, and divestment


The following is from an interview '90s era hip-hop journalist Dream Hampton did with a site called The Starting Five. So, far, I've only had time to skim it (gotta feed the monkey), but it looks like there's a shedload of knowledge being dropped. Along with a lot of names. Ha!

Mizzo: History of course is written by the victors.

Dream: We sit around and have these ridiculous conversations about whether Spanish should be spoken in a state whose name is Spanish. California is a Spanish word. Texas is a Spanish word. Arizona is a Spanish word. These lands were so called won by Roosevelt in the Spanish American War. We can accept as a fact of occupying land. All people don’t, but this happens in the world and in history…I understand that.

What’s happening in Gaza in terms of starving women and children…killing women and children. Since the Korean War, there have been more women and children victims than men. We’re the the ones who suffer because of war.

Israel has been behaving like thugs for so so long and they do it with money that America gives them.

It’s really important that we divest.

South Africa is free…finally. Their people never stopped resisting. Their people were also too, resisting with rocks.

What finally ended up breaking down the Apartheid regime in South Africa was a divestment. An international divestment economically.

It’s difficult in America to look at Palestine. People won’t even allow you to call it Palestine. They call it Israel and the Palestinians.

As Edward Said wrote…his grandmother went to the post office to send something to Palestine and the person working said there is no such place. So, we don’t even have language in America. When we do we are bullied.

Whenever we talk about Israel, we are bullied by accusations of antisemitism…as if Arabs weren’t Semites.

Palestine is in a precarious position of being an anomaly in the Arab world as more and more Arab countries are moving more and more towards Shia. Israel claims to be the only Democracy in the region but hello…Palestine is a Democracy. They vote. Women don’t veil there–not that that makes you a Democracy.

The American definition of Democracy is a joke. America with its broken ass voting system. Their definition of Democracy…what they use as a watermark to determine whether or not a place is so called Democratic is its voting system. Palestinians elected Hamas just like dumb ass Americans elected Bush. I wish I could have went and did a land invasion of Florida or bombed Ohio off the map after they elected Bush, but that’s not how it works.

They did the same thing in Lebanon. They didn’t like Hezbollah. They didn’t like the people who the people of Lebanon put into power…

Whatever, I can’t even go on about Israel…

The most important action we can take is to not be afraid to talk about it because we can’t even talk about it or have sane logical conversations about Israel because of again antisemitism charges and also because of how super organized they tend to be. If you care about human lives then divest in any way that you can. Stop shopping at Starbucks. Stop shopping at Toys-R-Us. Stop shopping at Dunkin’ Donuts. Stop buying Häagen-Dazs.


Checkit: D Original: Interview With Dream Hampton [The Starting Five]

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No they didn't just flip the Postal Service


Regardless of what you might hear on Twitter, the Kickdrums' Smash the System mixtape is mostly a whole lotta boring LCD rap, with way too many guest raps by Ray Cash. (They must owe him money.) To be sure, I've heard worse rap albums this year. Like, that RZA album. But to the extent that Smash the System is a worthwhile listen, it's mostly due to the people they've convinced to rap on it, especially the mighty Royce da 5'9.

Which is kind of a bad look for a production team, no?

That being said, I'll give credit where credit is due. The Kickdrums at least had the sense to flip the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights." Which could very well be the most popular song on the Internets evar, right up there with "Don't Stop Believing." No, really. I remember once reading that somewhere. It's one of those things that stuck out in my mind, like the fact that Wikipedia is the world's most accurate encyclopedia.

I wonder if they got the idea from that MGMT "Electric Feel" remix with Jim Jones, i.e. the late, great Noz's new least favorite rap song evar. Is this where hip-hop is headed - producers trolling the charts over at last.fm, looking for new indie rock records to flip?

Checkit: Verbal and The Kickdrums are Idiot Savant "The Times" [zSHARE]

And after the jump is the video for "Such Great Heights."

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January 29, 2009

Posse on Trendwatch: Hipster rap under fire

Death to Sonic

"Since when is it cool to dress like a dude that fucks another dude?" -- Termanology

The three instances that constitue a trend, according to the New York Times' rule:

1) The other day, Charles Hamilton got pwned by Serius Jones in a battle.

There's a video of it over on World Star. I didn't bother posting it or otherwise mentioning it, because a) it's one of those lame beefs where both sides are fucking losers anyway, like Joe Budden vs. Saigon; b) none of the rhymes struck me as all that interesting (which is generally the case with freestyle rap); and c) it wasn't even that clear to me that Hamilton got pwned. It looked like Serius Jones was judged the winner more so because he's bigger and looks like an adult, whereas Charles Hamilton looks like a little fruit.

2) Rhymefest hanged Charles Hamilton in effigy, and made a dis record about him over Oasis' JJ Fad's "Supersonic."

It's pretty meh, by Rhymefest standards. Also, there's that thing about both sides being fucking losers anyway. I can't believe Rhymefest actually brags about the Grammy he got for "Jesus Walks."

Checkit: Rhymefest "Supersonic (Chucky Cheese)" [zSHARE via Fake Shore Drive]

3) Termanology just released my new favorite Termanology song evar, "Tight Pants Are 4 Girls."

Is he going at Kanye? Lord knows Kanye is having a hard enough day as it is. Or did someone at Vlad TV add that picture of Kanye and the team of gay men he travels with (?) because they knew I'd find it amusing? Check the video for yourself, after the jump.

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History's most dedicated hoo-er

Zeny Borak

Thought Karrine "Superhead" Steffans was a filthy hoo-er? Well, she ain't got shit on this slut.

Zeny Borak, a Japanese/Filipina pr0n star out of Tokyo, claims to have slept with over 200,000 men during the course of her career. Her goal is to have sex with over a million men, before it's all said and done with. Though, as it's pointed out on the blog Their Toys, where I found out about her (by mistake, natch), she'd have to fuck about 110 guys a day, for the next 20 years, to accomplish that feat.

Also, the number of men she's slept with - 203,765, to be exact - is by her own count, and for all we know, she could be exaggerating. As we learned on December 7th, 1941, you can't trust the Japanese any further than you can throw them. But we know she's been with a ridonkulous number of men in her actual films (as many as 1,400 per), aside from however many she's been with in the private parties she throws.

Checkit: 10 Sexual Anomalies That Will Make Your Head Spin [Theirtoys.com Blog]

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Where's Bun B's fatwah?

Bun B

I know, this is ancient. I got an email about it the other day, from someone who's gonna get rich and famous sending unsolicited emails to bloggers. I just didn't get a chance to look into it until just now, despite the fact that it involves a couple of my favorite topics - Bun B, and the Muslim tendency towards violence.

Bun B was a guest on Kay Slay's show on satellite radio, and the topic somehow turned to ways of getting back at people. Kay Slay, who would strike me as a potential sex offender, if only for those videos of him all but shoving his forearm inside of pr0n stars Sara Jay and Ice La Fox, describes the process of slipping someone a roofie. Someone off camera suggests Kay Slay write a book on ways of getting back at people, and Bun B replies that there already is such a book - the Qur'an. Ha!

One question: Where's the half-assed boycott of Bun B's music by the Muslims in hip-hop group, like they tried to pull on me a few years ago, when I did a post on the jihadist themes in Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor?

Check the video after the jump, courtesy of Vlad TV, which is gradually making a case for itself as being as invaluable as the mighty World Star Hip Hop, if not even more so, due to a technology known in tech circles as a motherfucking RSS feed.

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