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October 22, 2008

Naked pictures of Barack Obama's mother

Barack Obama's mother

Some guy claims he stumbled upon some naked pictures of Barack Obama's mother, and he's posted them to the Internets.

No, really.

Here's the guy in his own words, on how he found the pictures, and how he determined that the woman in the pictures is Obama's late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. (Yep, that was her name.)

By pure serendipity I found a photo of what I believe is Stanley Ann Dunham; two more I found through sheer plod. They are taken before Christmas by the decorations and unopened presents. Also a stereo and records that an expert could confirm as jazz records are in view.There is a distinctive grain to the wood floors. I do research including genealogical and had downloaded everything I could find. Not much. So when I saw the picture, I locked on the the ear lobes, chin, eyebrows. It is she. A nude photo,not distasteful, but posed, I believe, by a mature man who knows what he likes, including jazz and now we know young girls. One could ascertain the location of where the photos were taken.

And the shoes..not indigenous to Hawaii,but maybe not unsual for Helen Canfield Chicago socialite and Marshall's second wife. The photos are important in the sense that they explain the going to Chicago and the immediate acceptance by the hard left, if his father is Frank Marshall Davis, not just his mentor.

I found that excerpted at Gawker. But they wouldn't post a link to the blog where they found it, because Gawker's kinda classy and bitchmade like that. Fortunately, I was able to find the pictures myself, using Google - though I don't think the site where I found them is the site where they originally surfaced.

I don't have the uncensored versions of the pics, either, and, honestly, I'm not even sure if I want to see them. She looks like she might have a nasty, hairy bush. And because I hate women, I like my women nice and clean downstairs, as if they were young girls. But with fully formed ass and boobs like a grown woman, natch.

I'm no pervert.

Is this really Barack Obama's mother? Check the pics for yourself after the jump. And don't say I never gave you anything.

Barack Obama's mother

Barack Obama's mother

Barack Obama's mother

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