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July 02, 2008

Ruben Studdard's new wife is the town bicycle


Everyone's had a ride.

I should have known to check Sandra Rose before I went in yesterday re: Ruben Studdard marrying a stripper. Being a guy and all, gossiping about shit is generally not my m.o. The only reason I even bothered to weigh in on this shit in the first place was the men's rights aspect of it. Something has got to be done to stop these black entertainers from marrying these strippers.

The thing is, a lot of times you check a site like Sandra Rose, and they're running pictures of obviously gay black dudes standing around in their underwear and shit like that. And yet, people wonder why black chicks are always getting AIDS.

Anyhoo, I was checking her site just now (nullus!), and I came across a post from yesterday re: Ruben Studdard's new wife. Come to find out, this broad was known as the town bicycle down in Atlanta long before she trapped his big sweaty ass.

Here's the operative bit:

So my friend, who in the past hired Zuri to do promotional work for him, called me yesterday because he was shocked that he knew Studdard’s new bride personally. It was a surprise to him that she ended up with Studdard of all people. Apparently she is the talk of the Atlanta industry because she built herself quite a reputation as a loose woman with an agenda.

“Everybody in the industry had her,” said my friend who was quick to point out that he never sampled her goodies. “We worked together,” he reminded me - as if that’s ever stopped him in the past. “She’s beautiful, cute face, tall and thick, but she’s been with every football player,” he continued. “I can’t believe Ruben Studdard married her. Ruben doesn’t even have any money,” he said, implying that Zuri married Studdard for his perceived wealth.


Ruben Studdard might want to see if he can't get out of this before it's too late.

Oddly enough, Howard Stern recently had Yucko the Clown and his wife on his show, and she was talking about how she had researched annulment laws down in Georgia, where they live, after the two of them got married. Because a lot of people down in Georgia are deeply religious, it's kinda hard to get out of a marriage without going through with divorce proceedings. I think you either have to prove the girl is a blood relation, or you have some sort of mental deficiency.

But I know there's generally an exception if you've yet to fuck the woman - in which case it's not like you've really reaped the benefits of being married - regardless of where you live. You'd think that would be the case in Georgia as well, though I don't know if it matters if you already sampled the goods before you walked down the aisle. Obviously, she had to do something to him to get him to tie the knot with her, despite the fact that she was in the "Tip Drill" video. I wonder if he's fucked her since they got married, i.e. this weekend.

Checkit: Ruben Studdard's wife is not a Gold digger [Sandra Rose]

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