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July 14, 2008

Did Jesse Jackson call Obama a "no-good half-breed nigger?"

Messy Jesse

The other day, when Bill O'Reilly aired the video of Jesse Jackson mumbling into a hot mic (nullus) that he wanted to cut Barack Obama's nuts off (nullus again), he made it a point to note that Jesse Jackson said some other shit that was even worse, but he wasn't gonna put it out there, because he didn't want to make Jesse Jackson look bad or anything.

At the time, I figured he might have called Obama a dreaded n-word.

As it turns out, I was right. Probably.

Yesterday, a guy named James Mtume, co-host of a show called Open Line on New York's KISS FM, claimed he had it on good authority that Jesse Jackson called Barack Obama a "no-good half-breed nigger."


The post on this shit over at the Daily Kos makes it a point to note that Open Line is a legit radio show, which features guests from the highest echelons of the gov't and the media. Just like Don Imus' show. Also, this guy James Mtume has been on Fox News and Sean Hannity's radio show. So it could very well be the case that someone on the inside over at Fox News purposely leaked this shit to him, perhaps to test the waters before they actually air it.

Checkit: What Jesse Jackson Really Said About "F*ckin Nig*er" Obama [Daily Kos via Undercover Black Man]

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