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April 15, 2008

Prolyfic: "Lupe is the most disloyal person I’ve ever met in my life"


Pictured above is Chicago hip-hop producer Prolyfic clutching a copy of a song he produced, "Just Might Be Okay," from Lupe Fiasco's dismal, ill-fated first album, Food and Liquor.

You'll recall that this guy Prolyfic and Lupe got into a rather heated Internets beef earlier this year, on the message boards over at okayplayer.

It started when Lupe was trolling the site for new artists for his tax write-off vanity imprint, 1st and 15th - either because he's just at a loss for better ways to find new artists, or maybe because dangling a worthless recording contract in front of those haters appeals to his sense of vanity. I'm not sure

Lupe went on and on about how 1st and 15th is such a great label for its artists, and how he goes out of his way to make sure they're taken care of. But then, in a response to Lupe's original post, Prolyfic called bullshit on Lupe's claims, describing how his children are starving because his contract sucks balls and he couldn't get any beats on The Cool.

I detailed the entire exchange in a post at XXL called "Lupe Fiasco cheats his artists?"

Well, the other day, my boy AB from the Chicago hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive sat down for a lengthy interview with Prolyfic, in which he went in even further re: his beef with Lupe.

Here's Prolyfic on whether or not he regrets what he said on okayplayer:

I don’t take back a single word that I typed because it was all true. I didn’t exaggerate a single word I typed. Truth be told, Lupe is the most disloyal person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s loyal to certain people and that’s where it starts and ends.


And here's Prolyfic on how Lupe Fiasco treats his friends:

I like to use a quote I heard Mase use regarding Puffy from a long time ago: “I have no issues with Puffy, my only issues was that he did business and called it family”. It was family to my face, but business on paper. I trusted that the business and the family was the same, but I got burned in the end.

Checkit: FSD Interviews Prolyfic [Fake Shore Drive]

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