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April 02, 2008

Bun B is too black to be a blogger

Bun B

Man, I can't seem to catch a break this week. First it was Joli Adore, publicist with "one of the largest pr firms in the country," and now I see Bun B is back taking shots at me.

The following exchange was included in an interview with Bun today over at Passion of the Weiss.

Q: Do you read a lot on the Internet?

A: Hell yeah, I read all that shit.

Q: Is that how the whole beef with Byron Crawford started?

A: I really hate to give that dude any kind of any kind of promotion. He’s like an 8th rate Howard Stern of the Internet. It was an issue of him trying to assassinate my partner’s character when he couldn’t defend himself. That guy doesn’t go anywhere but to Panic at the Disco! and New Pornographers concerts. He’s like one of these NPR guys saying things to get a bite.

Aww dang...

An 8th-rate Howard Stern of the Internets? It stings because it's true.

Also, oddly enough, I am going to see the New Pr0nographers here in a few weeks, with opening act Okkervil River. It's so gonna be the concert evar. However, Panic at the Disco! is also playing here in a few weeks, and I'm not gonna see them. For the record, I don't listen to Panic at the Disco!, even though I spent a good amount of my childhood listening to NPR in the car with my old man, on some ol' cracka-ass cracka ish. (What kind of real black person even knows his father, let alone rides around in a BMW with him listening to Talk of the Nation?)

Checkit: LA Times Article Plus Interview With Bun B [Passion of the Weiss]

And after the jump is a video where Bun sorta kinda goes at Gyant, the blogger from SOHH who may or may not have been outed as a DL brother the other day by Sandra Rose.

In it, Bun claims that he had to give up blogging, because it just wasn't personal enough for him as a medium. He wants to people able to feel him by speaking to him in person, not just reading him over the Internets.

Normally, I would take this as a sign that Bun B, like seemingly the vast majority of the hip-hop Internets (sorry, guys and girls), is entirely incapable of expressing himself via the written word, but who knows? The guy is mad articulate.

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