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March 03, 2008

Bun B, financial advisor

Bun B with one of his clients

As if that video of him talking about Pimp C's issues with sizzup on the evening news wasn't bad enough, Bun B dropped the following jewels re: personal finance in a recent issue of URB.

What Does Bun B's stock portfolio look like?
It was pretty good, for a while. From 2003-2005, I was doing real good; I had to liquidate a lot of stuff, make some different moves. I invested a lot of that stuff into real estate. Now that I'm looking where a lot of things are going, shit is wide open. My investments and I, we don't play. I tend to buy Wal-Mart during the holiday season. Utilities prior to the summer and the winter, 'cause people are gonna use their AC in the summer, heat in the winter. That kinda shit's not gonna change. I would not advise anyone to invest in real estate right now, unless they have capital. The market is starting to bottom out and you are in a perfect position to buy property like you never have been before. Because, whether or not the government wants to admit it, we are in a recession! Make no bones about it, the country is fucked up. It would be one thing if just the value of the American dollar was down worldwide, but the value of the "AMERICAN" is down worldwide. The public image of America, this land of prosperity where everything was all good has died with this administration.

We used to set the stage and the tone for all things cultural in this world—be it music, art fashion, television, anything—we set the standard. But now we're taking our cue from other countries. We are dressing like the Japanese now. If you're not dressing like the Japanese then you're dressing like a fucking mod from London. You either have crazy colors in your outfit, or you're wearing tight jeans and a dirty fucking t-shirt.

Checkit: Loaded Questions with Bun B [URB]

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