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January 10, 2008

Where all of the money in hip-hop went

Lev Leviev

Remember a couple of years ago when Jacob the Jeweler was busted for laundering drug money for the Black Mafia Family.

There was a story on him in Vanity Fair, in which a commenter from the XXL website, a fellow calling himself Real South Nigga, was quoted as saying, "Jacob da jewler better keep his mouth closed dem B.M.F. niggaz gona merck his rich ass."

It was also revealed in this article that Jacob has a cousin named Lev Leviev, an Israeli billionaire who owns diamond mines in Angola, who's the secret owner of Jacob & Co. He's supposedly worth somewhere in the neighborhood of six and a half billion dollars.

I was reminded of this just now when I came across a story in Haaretz about an Israeli billionaire who just purchased the most expensive new home ever sold in London. It cost $70 million and boasts a bullet-proof front door and all sorts of gaudy shit on the inside.

That Israeli billionaire? None other than motherfucking Lev Leviev, secret owner of Jacob & Co., where all of the rappers get their jewelry.


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