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January 09, 2008

The soft white underbelly of Chicago rap

Kanye throwing up a gang sign

Not too long after I published yesterday's post about Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco's lovers quarrel re: this year's presidential election, I received the following email from one of my Chi-town correspondents. Come to find out, not only is everything you ever suspected about Chicago hip-hop true, but it gets worse. Way worse. I was even warned about mentioning this shit, lest I end up the next Nailah Franklin. But whatever. I'm willing to take certain risks to bring the truth to the light.

emailing from chicago again. you want to see some bullshit on how these two dudes complaining is the fakest thing. see if you can catch...Gangland on history channel. They have a segment on GD's in chicago and BD's. It talks about the gang influence in chicago and how the BD's where working with jihadist since the 60's and shit and how the BD's are "muslims", sponsor businesses (aritsts), jesse jackson and others. the BD's is the one you want to see.

i moving to chicago in the 90's I saw all of this first hand. if your famous and from chicago, its either BD's, GD's or the DL's (tey gheys) that have your back. R.kelly got beat up by BDs for not giving them their cut after his first album. Kanye got beat (infamous busted face, credited to the accident) for jacking beats and not paying from his first deal, Lupe works with them on the heroin tip. Every single aritst, athelete and business that made it is sponsored by the gangs(mainly BD's) and they all have to give a cut of their money. think about all the chicago athletes getting jacked. The Black pharmaceutical rep, Naliah franklin found dead in chicago was a corporate drug dealer rep for the BD's and was killed by Antoine walkers business associate.

so when lupe talks about supporting iran, its no coincidence. when fest is talking all that muslim shit, you already know.

if you can't catch it, wikipedia kinda skims on it but, seeing it first hand is crazy. im not from chicago so, Im mum on saying shit. 99.95 of the city is black operated and 99.95% of the black community is gang affiliated in some way...in the suburb ones.



Twista - vice lord
Common - Blackstone (back in the day hell yeah)
Lupe - Blackstone affliate
Kanye - Started with Blackstones, left to work with DL's , no joke by the way. Blackstones do not acknowledge homosexuality
Rhymefest - Blackstone
Molemen - Gangster Disciples

This is info for your personal reference but, I advise you to be care posting "too" much. they are no joke. its a unspoke rule here in chicago to ignore the gang situation here.

But that post today [i.e. yesterday - Bol] just got me think how full of shit they are trying to chop up politics.

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