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January 08, 2008

Rhymefest vs. Lupe Fiasco

RhymefestLupe Fiasco

Fight! Fight!
Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco recently got into a heated online debate having to do with the upcoming presidential election. In particular, Rhymefest took offense to some statements Lupe made to SOHH about how he isn't supporting Barack Obama, how he doesn't believe in voting on that level (whatever that means), and how he hopes Hillary wins. Rhymefest made a post about Lupe on his MySpace blog, and then the two of them went back and forth for a while on okayplayer.

Fake Shore Drive has the following breakdown of how the shit began:


"I'm not voting for anybody," Lupe told SOHH. "I don't believe in voting on that level. But I want Hillary [Clinton] to win," he says. Surprisingly, the Chicago emcee does not support the junior United States Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

"Obama doesn't really impress me like that," Lupe told SOHH. "It's not a shot at him but some of his agendas, the bombing of Iran and all that stuff.* He ain't gonna do nothing but perpetuate the nonsense that all the Presidents before have done, and what Bush is doing now. It's to the point now where the world is so twisted and so messed up that we need somebody to come in."

Rhymefest’s rebuttal:

Recently, a prominent Hip-Hop website asked an artist who they supported in the 2008 presidential primaries. Shockingly, their response was Hillary Clinton. Now, I'm not one to judge a person's political, religious or [even] artistic views; however, the reasons that this artist gave were so fucking erroneous and outrageous that it compels me to speak out, even if only to give fans the right information so that we are not following uninformed-ass rappers down the hole of 'abstract nothingness.'

And then it went on from there, on the message boards at okayplayer. Fortunately, the exchange has been recounted in full on 'Fest's MySpace, so you don't have to sweat actually having to go to okayplayer. (Whew!)

The Great Debate: Rhymefest vs. Lupe Fiasco [Fake Shore Drive]
A conversation between Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco [Rhymefest's MySpace]

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