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December 21, 2007

Proof men are funnier than women

Proof men are funnier than women

I always did think that women don't have much of a sense of humor, but I thought it was my own subjective opinion based on the fact that I'm a sexist. (I think women are different from men. Aww dang!)

Come to find out, there's a medical explanation. (Isn't there always?) Women aren't as funny as men, because humor comes from testosterone, and men have more testosterone than women.

This is based on a study by a doctor in England, who observed people's reaction to himself on a unicycle.

According to the BBC:

Almost half of people responded verbally - more being men. Very few of the women made comic or snide remarks, while 75% of the men attempted comedy - mostly shouting out "Lost your wheel?", for example.

The idea being that men develop a sense of humor to compete against other men for the attention of women, and obviously most women have no such use for it.

And there may be a correlation to hip-hop, in that there's so very few worthwhile female rappers and so many female rappers, just like so many female comedians (think about it) tend to be lesbians.

Lesson to be learned here: If you're a woman, the next time you're thinking about telling me something I said or wrote isn't funny, fall back for a second and think: Maybe I know more about this than you. After all, I'm a guy, and you aren't.

Humour 'comes from testosterone' [BBC]

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