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November 28, 2007

The Real World: Sydney - Episode 18: Episode Summary

The Real World: Sydney

Tonight's episode picks up right where last week's episode left off, with Parisa and Trisha going at it. Trisha calls her old man and brags that she just pushed a fat girl. Meanwhile, Parisa is outside in the hallway shouting shit about how Trisha doesn't care about her family, she thinks Christianity is a superior religion to Islam, and she's put on a gut since she moved in the house.

Trisha's old man tries to get her to apologize for pushing Parisa, but Trisha's not having it, especially with Parisa going off on her like that. Also, you get the idea that Parisa is going to try to have Trisha kicked out of the house regardless. After their little exchange, Parisa goes off somewhere to cool off, while the rest of the group debates whether Parisa is really going to go through with it.

A house meeting is called by Parisa. Before she announces what she plans on doing, she opens the floor so people can kiss her ass about the fact that she got pushed and didn't do anything in retaliation, regardless of what a psycho hose beast she's been all season long. I guess if she can't get people to like her based on her personality, she can at least guilt trip the shit out of them.

Trisha offers up a kinda half-assed apology to Parisa, but still an apology. But Parisa gets all high and mighty about how Trisha is only apologizing because she really fucked up this time, and how she's not going to let Trisha stick around until the next time she feels like beating someone up, as if Trisha didn't anything other than give her a little shove. So Trisha's going home.

KellyAnne seems especially pissed. I didn't catch her response verbatim, but it was something along the lines of, "How are we supposed to spend the next several weeks with you when it's so obvious we hate you?" Cohutta is also clearly pissed. Dunbar didn't really care for Parisa to begin with, but he didn't like Trisha either. So he's not particularly upset to see her leave.

The new broad, Ashli, is just gonna go with whatever KellyAnne says, because she's too young and stupid to form her own opinion. So while Parisa is on the phone with her old man describing how she just pulled a jihad on Trisha's career as a reality TV star, the two of them spit on the glass wall of the confessional. Then the next day the two of them go on a date on the pier.

There's also a separate issue having to do with the teams they split into for their bullshit job. They may have to do some rearranging, since one team is going to be short a member. And I guess it's too late in the season to get a new roomie. So they move Ashli onto the team Trisha was on, with Parisa, and also assign her the team leader. So I guess now they're gonna get into it.

NEXT WEEK: Isaac returns, and he's obviously on something.

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