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November 14, 2007

Kleio Lune

Kleio Lune

The Best Cans on the Internets?
Speaking of pornography, the other day, I was up late browsing the Internets, looking for ways I might be a better asset to my community. I stumbled upon some pictures of this broad with some of the best cans I've ever seen. Evar. And I figured I'd be remiss if I didn't share them with you.

Unlike the situation with the late, great Amanda Wenk, who also turned up on my radar as a sheer matter of coincidence, this girl purposely takes pictures of herself in the nude and posts them on the Internets. So there shouldn't be any issues, like before, with her being kicked out of Wikipedia and having to settle for being in some knock-off Wikipedia for pervs.

As of right now, an Internets search for Kleio Lune only turns up about 300 results, and only one that's particularly relevant, namely her blog/amateur pr0n site (a search for Amanda Wenk turns up about 93,000 results), but you have to wonder for how long this will be the case.

Amanda Wenk's face was always kinda buttery, and I'm sure many would argue that this girl's is as well, but I don't know. I kinda like both of them more so than I like anything else. If there's an issue with this broad, it's that she's a bit pale, but I'd argue that her cans are more impressive in both size and shape, not to mention the fact that they're... you know, out in the open.

At her blog/amateur pr0n site, there's a link to her latest photo gallery in the upper left hand corner so you can see what I'm talking about. And using my gully haX0r skills, I also found this link to the rest of the galleries on the site.

And here's a few rapidshare links to some other photos which, for whatever reason, aren't linked to on the site. Don't click on any of them if you're under 18. I'd hate for some poor child to have his life ruined.


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