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November 30, 2007

African-American Women: Where They Stand

African American Women: Where They Stand

Next to the Dishwasher, Hopefully!
Anyone catch any of this series on the NBC Nightly News about black women called African-American Women: Where They Stand? If figured I might, since you 'bags know I seek out contentious race issues, but I don't watch the nightly news anyway, and I wasn't about to start for some shit like this. Plus, I've been working nights this week at the BGM.

Of course, come to find out, you can watch the entire thing, plus mad bonus footage and shit, on the NBC website. I watched the following bit, on "redefining black families," for a story I did for XXL today. I'd watch the rest of it, but I've gotta leave in a little bit, on my way to Memphis. More on that (maybe) Monday.

Redefining black relationships
Redefining black relationships

My bad about the picture of the broad with the skee ball a.k.a. the little brother. Ironically enough, the segment has to do with the fact that so many black women have a hard time finding a spouse. According to the grim statistics stated in the piece, over 40% of black women have never been married, compared to only 16% of white women. Could it be the haircut? I'm just saying.

Have black men failed black women? [XXL]

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