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October 22, 2007

Should black people boycott KFC?


A few years ago, Al Sharpton tried to get black people to stop eating at KFC, supposedly because they were mistreating the chickens. (Some Peta kid tried to sell me on the same BS at the Intonation Music Festival in '06.)

At the time, I remarked that there was no way black people were about to boycott KFC. As good as that motherfucking chicken is! Who cares if they mistreat the chickens? They mistreat me at my job, and I don't hear anyone calling for a boycott of the BGM.

Recently, there's been another call for black people to boycott KFC, this time because one of their ads could be viewed as racist.

The ad in question is after the jump. It shows a black family sitting around a kitchen table enjoying a big, greasy bucket of KFC, which I'm sure every black family has done at some point in time or another. But that's not even the issue.

Instead, people are upset that this ad shows a black family that has no father. Even though most black families these days don't have fathers. If it's true more often than not, and it's not positive, then it's a stereotype. And stereotypes = racist. Duh!

What do you 'bags think? Is this ad racist? And could black people boycott KFC if they wanted to?

(Note: In researching this post, i.e. looking up the video, I came across this post from two years ago about whether or not the song "Sweet Home Alabama," which was once used in KFC ads, is racist. I thought I was the only one who sat around and thought about such things!)

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