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September 25, 2007

Britney Spears is still doable

Britney Spears is still doable

According to Last Week's Poll
When I mention that I happen to like white chicks here and there (and everywhere!), I think people get the wrong idea. I don't like chubby, fucked-up-looking white chicks any more than I like chubby fucked-up-looking chicks of any race. Which is not to say that I wouldn't make like many a black man before me and score with one of them, if given the opportunity (or if I just had to force myself on one of them). I'm just saying.

Take for example Britney Spears. Based on pictures like the one above, I'm tempted to say that I definitely wouldn't score with her, but who knows. Not to get all Jack Nicholson in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, but sometimes, when it's right in front of you like that, it can be hard to say no.

Last week's poll had to do with whether or not you'd bang Britney Spears. Here are the results.

Britney Spears?

  1. I'd hit it (345 votes)
  2. Hell no! (147 votes)

Perhaps surprisingly, something like 70% of those of you who voted would still bang Britney Spears. I suppose it's not that surprising, in that she still in better shape than half the chicks you see walking the streets of a city like St. Louis, but you know how people like to front on the Internets about having such high standards when it comes to women. Meanwhile, I'd imagine pretty much all of us have done a lot worse. Many of us on a regular basis!

Next week's poll, which has been up since this time yesterday, has to do with whether or not Tucker Carlson is teh ghey. Vote early and vote often. Nullus?

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September 21, 2007

Jay-Z - Blue Magic: Track Review

Blue Magic

Lazy-ass Rakim homage over the world's shittiest Neptunes beat, anyone?

Me neither.

To his credit, this is more of just an all-around bad idea (especially the chorus) than a genuine, "Show Me What You Got"-style fuck up. Still, who wants to bet that next week they announce that this was just the street single and they've got something else, produced by anyone but Pharrell (pleeease?), to play in the requisite beer commercials and what have you.

Or it could be the case that due to the unique nature of the marketing deal behind this album, there won't be as much in the way of non-American Gangster (the film)-related tie-ins. At any rate, they're still gonna have to come up with something else, no?

If you haven't already, you can stream "Blue Magic" at XXL.

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Stephen Colbert = joke thief?


Isn't the Young Turks that radio show Nonutsbuey listens to?

Well, at any rate, one of the guys from the Young Turks is claiming that Stephen Colbert pulled a Carlos Mencia on one of his bikes jokes.

The guy's name is Cenk Uygur, which is a much gullier name than Byron Crawford. The joke, which didn't strike me as being all that funny anyway, had something to do with comparing the Republican presidential candidates to the Klingons from Star Trek, I guess because they keep talking about bringing the troops home "with honor." Hmm...

Check the video, posted to YouTube by Uygur himself, after the jump. And then after that is another video I came across while researching this which features a broad with a fairly impressive rack. Is she the other host of this mess? If so, how is this not on real TV already?

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September 20, 2007

Bill O'Reilly eats tasers for breakfast

Bill O'Reilly

You have to hand it to Bill O'Reilly. The guy may be full of shit, but he's as gully as all hell.

The other day I brought you the story of that kid down in Florida who got "tased" by 5-0 for having the sheer balls to ask John Kerry whether or not he was in Skull & Bones with President Sieg Howdy. Well, in discussing the incident on his show the other day, O'Reilly claims he was zapped once with a taser for a story he was working on, and the shit didn't even hurt.

Who knows, this could be a case of O'Reilly frontin', like when Tucker Carlson claimed him and his crew beat the crap out of a fruit who tried to solicit him for bufuing in a public restroom, but I'm tempted to believe him.

Check the video for yourself after the jump.

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New Jay-Z album, anyone?


Me Neither
So wait, let me guess, the TIs at Universal spent too much on this Denzel-Ridley Scott movie American Gangster, but they figure they can still recoup if enough black people show up. You know how us blacks are about our crime movies. So now they're gonna pay Jay-Z a few million to drop several references to it in a new album, just like he did that Ace of Spades champagne on Kingdom Come.

If it works, it could be one hell of a marketing move. I'm not sure whether or not Def Jam themselves get a cut of whatever Jay-Z is being paid, but I suppose Jay himself stands to benefit regardless, even if less people run out to cop this than its dismal predecessor. Whether this is just as bad remains to be seen, but the fact that it was only recorded in the past few weeks doesn't seem to bode well for it.

Then again, the Blueprint, which people tend to idolize all out of proportion (word to Woody Allen) was supposedly recorded in the space of a weekend, so who knows.

For Jay-Z, Inspiration Arrives in a Movie [New York Times]

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