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July 05, 2007

Shoes: The Movie

Stephon Marbury

I know: taking pictures of your shoes and posting them on the Internets is generally the domain of Dallas Penn and mad Chinese kids who lack any other real reason to live.

What can I say? It's the day after a holiday, and I'm still in recovery mode. Last night, myself, the Station, my old next door neighbor from Creve Coeur, Matthew, and some other kids I'm not as familiar with damn near set the entire shitty southern region of St. Louis on fire. Literally. We also drank a shiteload of beer.

You'll recall that my little brother recently took a road trip to Maine to ride his bicycle or some shit. On the way back, he stopped in New York and copped yours truly some of those Stephon Marbury shoes that only cost $15 or whatever. After the jump are pictures of them and a few of my other shoes. Enjoy.


My new Stephon Marbury shoes. Classy, huh?


Not to reveal too much about myself, but my mom copped these for me on one of those two for one deals at a discount shoe outlet, for my 25th birthday. It's hard to make out in the picture (sorry), but these have that snake skin material like the old Air Jordans as well as an air bubble in the soles.


Ralph Lauren canvas slip-ons, not unlike the ones I wore in college, when I was on the Drinking Team. Not to give the wrong idea to any kids who might be reading this, but that's pretty much what I use these for.


The other shoes I got for my 25th birthday. I wear these more, just because I like the other ones more and I don't want to mess them up. As you can see, they're made by Ecko, the hip-hop clothing line. Who said Bol wasn't hip-hop?


The shoes I was wearing more often than not until I got these Starbury shoes yesterday. You'd hardly know it by looking at them, but these only cost me $20 on clearance at Marshall's, which is the same place I got those Polo shoes from.

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