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January 24, 2007

Road Rules is back

Road Rules

Back in 2004, I did episode summaries of the last season of Road Rules to air. It started out alright, but then it kinda went to shit over time, not unlike the Key West season of the Real World.

After that, they did several challenges, but no new season of Road Rules. About a year later, in 2005, I did a special report in which I revealed that Road Rules had been secretly cancelled and wondered whether my beloved Real World could be far behind.

*shudders at the thought*

Fortunately, that's yet to happen. (Whew!) Instead they've been focusing on the challenges, which are a lot more popular anyway. In fact, this new season of Road Rules looks more along the lines of one of the challenges than a classic season of Road Rules.

The main twists seems to be that viewers will be able to vote off cast members. Hence this seasons name: Road Rules 2007: Viewer's Revenge. You can check the trailer after the jump, but it looks like the cast will be made of people from past seasons of Road Rules.

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