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January 18, 2007

DJ Drama free at last

Free Drama and Cannon!

My guess is that he won't be getting his shit back though. According to the New York Times, which has a strong fact-checking department, the raid netted 81,000 CDs, four vehicles, recording gear, and "other assets that are proceeds of a pattern of illegal activity."

Drama was busted under the RICO act (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization), which is the same shit that they use to bust mafia dons and big-time drug dealers. I'm pretty sure they don't just bust that out to prove a point.

Why did the RIAA decide to send a SWAT raid after DJ Drama, anyway? SOHH is suggesting it might be payback for a case DJ Drama won the other day (the day before the raid) against a shady music distributor.

This first sentence alone is one of the reasons why I'm going to have to switch over to writing about white people's music exclusively:

A source VERY close to SOHH have informed us that this whole raid at the ATL recording studio/office of DJ Drama and DJ Cannon was likely all a setup.

However, a story at AllHipHop is suggesting that the Gangsta Grillz SWAT raid is just the beginning of a much larger operation in order to stamp out the mixtape game altogether.

In a May 2006 report posted on the RIAA's website, Atlanta was named one of 12 "Piracy 'Hot Spot' cities last year. [...]

The report stated that in 2007, the RIAA would "step up law enforcement training and commit additional investigative resources in all of the cities."

In other words, if you're selling bootleg CDs in one of the 12 main cities in this country where black people live (and I think we know which ones), you might want to consider a new, non-illegal line of employment before it's too late.

Already, I see MixUnit and Mixtape Murder have pulled all of their mixtapes from the shelves, so to speak. Also, the MixUnit charts have been removed from the front page of XXL's site, though they may have been gone for a while now.


UPDATE: Billboard on the first mixtape SWAT raid.

"Our first raid also happened in Atlanta on Metropolitan Parkway on Oct. 11, 2006," says [Police Chief James] Baker. "It was run by a bunch of immigrants, the majority here illegally, from West Africa. We seized over $14 million of counterfeit CDs, five vehicles, cocaine and marijuana." Several individuals remain in jail due to that raid.

Which would help explain Fox News' comments on drugs usually being found in such raids. Also, I think we can agree those Africans had it coming. Next thing they need to do is start busting these Arabs. For all we know, they could be with the terrorists.

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