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December 06, 2006

Bol on the radio


Well, Sort Of
Yesterday, WNYC New York Public Radio had Jesse "Flavor of Love" Jackson, Duke University professor Mark Anthony Neal and New York Times music critic Kelefa Sanneh on to discuss the dreaded n-word, minstrel rap and what have you in light of the KKKramer incident.

I wasn't actually on it, but my name was brought up. In fact, I about fell out of my chair last night when I heard myself mentioned. Of course nobody actually told me there was going to be a radio show about me or, god forbid, invited me to call in so that I could have my say on the matter.

Which is too bad, really. It would've been cool to be on the same radio show as Jesse Jackson and, um, Kelefa Sanneh. I wouldn't have said anything too offensive!

Also, I did sorta kinda write the story they were discussing anyway. Sanneh mentioned the bit about "Chain Hang Low" interpolating "Zip Coon" in some story he did in the Times. But I was the one who brought it together with the rest of that crap and gave it its title.

Since I did my story on Minstrel Rap back in September, it's been ripped off all over the place, from the New York Daily News and the Baltimore Sun to rival hip-hop mag the Source. There was even a story in the Chicago Reader that noted this phenomenon.

The article is a loose rewrite of a month-old article in the New York Daily News, which itself was not much more than a paper port of an XXL.com post by blogger Byron Crawford.
The Sun and NYDN pieces both cite the same three primary offenders, all of which were mentioned in Crawford's original post.

It's worth noting though that at least the NYDN storying cited my post as a source. Who knows about the one in the Sun, but I found the Source's ripping off of my work especially egregious. If I ever get a chance, I might have to Dee Barnes the chick that wrote it on GP.

Anyway, if you can get it to work, you can stream the entire show using the audio player below. The part having to do with yours truly doesn't begin until about 25 minutes in, but the rest of it's pretty interesting as well.

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