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October 09, 2006

Chinese food rules

Chinese food rules

According to Last Week's Poll
Granted, this wasn't my best idea for a poll, but what are you gonna do. They can't all be home runs.

In particular, this poll was retarded in the sense that it didn't specify any particular level of ethnic food. Obviously, a $40 plate of Italian food is going to be preferable to the shittiest Chinese carry out, while almost anything would be preferable to the Olive Garden.

The results:

Best ethnic food?

  1. Chinese food (186 votes)
  2. Italian food (186 votes)
  3. Mexican food (110 votes)
  4. Indian food (84 votes)

Interestingly enough, this one came out a tie. People definitely prefer Chinese food and Italian food to Mexican food and Indian food, but it's not clear which people prefer between Chinese food and Italian food.

Between the two, I'd have to roll with Chinese food just because it seems better on the average than most of these other types of food. As long as you don't cop your Chinese food from the mall[1], it's pretty difficult to find a fucked up order of General Tso's Chicken.

Next week's poll, which is already up, seeks to determine that age-old question: which race is actually the most racist. If you feel this kind of thing is important, vote as often as technology will allow.

[1] Ironically, those Chinese places you see in the mall are one of the few establishments you'll find that are completely staffed by (non-English-speaking) Chinese, which makes you wonder why they suck so bad. Do they do it on purpose because they think white people enjoy eating bland shit?

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