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September 29, 2006

Defari's best interview since 2003


Are we gonna talk about the album? Or are we gonna talk about college, man?


Madison, WI Bureau Chief Hastings Cameron writes:

This site has already run a rather magnanimous review of Defari’s Street Music. Feel free to check that out before proceeding.

Duane Johnson Jr. received his “Teaching of Social Studies” M.A. from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in 1994, but would probably rather you not mention it. I made the mistake of bringing up Berkeley and Columbia at the beginning of this interview—intending to ask about his interaction with the Bay and NYC hip-hop scenes while in school. I might as well have asked him to sign a crate of Sad Clown Bad Dub tapes, so I threw out most of my serious questions and inquired about steroid use, R. Kelly, High Times Records. I have rearranged the chronology and cut a bunch of material for the sake of Phonte’s marriage (kidding—Defari’s not a snitch).

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How to rid the world of crack babies

Pregnant junky

New Rule: Pregnant women with drug and/or alcohol problems should be punched hard in the face and then driven to the nearest Planned Parenthood.

In recent months, pregnant cluckers in South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, North Dakota and New Hampshire have had their asses thrown in jail for child endangerment, and rightfully so.

Of course the feminist community would beg to differ. The other day, Women's eNews published an article called Pregnant Drug Addicts Aren't Child Abusers, which argued that pregnant women with drug or alcohol problems shouldn't be thrown in jail, but sent to therapy.

Their main argument seems to revolve around the fact that pregnant acoholics and drug addicts aren't purposely endangering their chidlren. They can't help it if they're addicted to heroin or Jack Daniels or whatever. They're sick, and sick people should be sent to therapy and not jail.

Oh, really?

If that's the case, then any man who was ever sent to prison for raping a woman should be released posthaste. After all, it's not like they purposely set out to ruin some poor women's lives. They just needed some pussy really, really bad. They're sick, and sick people should be sent to therapy and not jail.

Seriously, I find it amazing that some women would go so far as to defend a woman's right to force their baby to wallow in Jack Daniels and heroin and possibly end up ethered in utero a la Rev Run's would-be baby daughter. We have to draw a line somewhere, no?

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September 28, 2006

The Killers - Sam's Town: Album Review

Sam's Town

The Killers, Sam's Town (Island, 2006)
This follow-up to the Killers' 2004 mega-smash Hot Fuss is said to have been influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. I thought the lead single "When You Were Young" was incredible, but I'm hearing mixed things about the album itself.

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Screech administers a "dirty sanchez"

Screech from Saved by the Bell

You'll recall that Dustin Diamond a/k/a Screech from Saved by the Bell has been going on talk radio shows for the past couple years now trying to raise money to keep the bank from foreclosing on his house. I guess that Saved by the Bell money ran out a long time ago.

Now comes word that he appears in one of these Pam Anderson-style celebrity sex videos. It appears as if he shot it himself and is hoping that it becomes the next "One Night in Paris" or whatever. At the very least, I'm sure it'll get his name in the papers.

Here's the thing: In the tape, he actually gives someone a dirty sanchez.

TMZ: "The tape begins with Diamond in a bathtub, narrating what's to come. It ends with Diamond introducing one of the women to a 'Dirty Sanchez.' Suffice it say, it is unbelievably graphic."

From what I understand, you can watch part of the video (not the good part, nullus) at TMZ. I didn't bother, but feel free if you're looking to have your childhood (among other things) ruined.

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Lupe Fiasco grows desperate

Lupe Fiasco grows desperate

There was a famous incident at my high school back in, maybe, 1996 when this Russian kid named Ilya tried to disprove the Pythagorean Theorem.

While introducing the topic, the teacher happened to mention that you couldn't possibly have a triangle where its internal angles added up to more than 180 degrees. But this kid was adamant - like, violently so - that you could. He spent the better part of the class period at the chalk board attempting to draw a triangle with more than 180 degrees.

I was reminded of this just now when I read that Lupe Fiasco is going on Internet message boards claiming that his first week Soundscan numbers (dude caught a brick) are all wrong.

To wit (via the Rap Up):

hahahaha....hi my peoples...actually this weeks Billboards numbers are off because of an error!!!...Best Buy hadnt turned in their sales...I must remind I was the number #1 seller at Best Buy this week...the numbers without Best Buy stand at 57,000...the new numbers will be out this friday after they turn in...hahahahaha...GOD IS GREAT!!!!

As I mentioned in my post at XXL yesterday, neither 58,000 nor 85,000 first week sales would strike me as particularly impressive anyway, but it does seem less than likely that a chart like this would be off because Best Buy forgot to turn in Lupe's numbers. Is there a precedent for this sort of thing?

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