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August 01, 2006

The Game dropped from Aftermath

The GameTeh Ghey

The Game, a week ago:

I'm the Doctor's Advocate / Nigga Dre shot ya / Brought me back from the dead / That's why they call him the doctor / The 'Math's gonna drop him / And 50 ain't rockin' with him / No more, it's okay, I get it poppin'

Aftermath's website, yesterday:

It's official - Game is off the Math. There were a lot of rumors about The Game leaving Aftermath in the last weeks. The Game is now on Geffen Records.

I've got a story on it at XXL today, if you're interested in that sort of thing. In semi-related news, I hear that new Obie Trice album is "out." I've yet to decide whether or not I'm going to "cop" it.


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