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August 22, 2006

Scott Storch's new black baby

Scott Storch's new black baby

The Fight for a Man's Rights
Did you know that if you don't show up to paternity court, you could be named some child's father by default?

According to some shit I just read at XXL, that's just what happened to "Lean Back" producer Scott Storch recently.

A Miami woman name Dalene “Dae” Jennifer Daniel has filed a paternity suit against the highly sought after beatmaker which cites him as the father of her infant son Jalen Scott Storch. Daniel claims that she is currently unemployed and her only assets are two cars valued at $21,000.

Since Storch chose not to respond to the suit, a Miami judge declared Storch the “legal, natural, and biological father” by default. Child support and other financial issues will be determined at a later date.

Does this mean that a broad can just name her baby Lemonjelo Byron Crawford and all of a sudden it's mine just because I was too busy to make it to court that day? If so, that's just wrong.

Also, how did this broad get two cars worth $21,000 if she's "currently unemployed." To give you an idea, you'd need literally 17.5 of my cars to equal that value, and I work all the time. Fortunately, I'm getting a new car later this week that's going to put me square in the $6,000 range.

Another thought: How do you think Scott Storch's momma or, god forbid, his real girlfriend is going to feel knowing he dropped it off in a broad named Dalene "Dae" Daniel? A woman shouldn't just be allowed to destroy a man's life like this.

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