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August 11, 2006

Rhymefest = the next Maroon 5?

The next Maroon 5

So what Blue Collar only did a bit short of 15,000 copies its first week out. Maroon 5 only sold 5,000 copies their first week out, and you see where they ended up.

Rhymefest on his disappointing sales figures (from his MySpace blog):

As we all know by now, my highly-anticipated and critically-acclaimed debut album BLUE COLLAR sold about 15,000 copies during the first week. As it stands now in the mass-marketing, single-driven genre of Hip-Hop music, this is considered a flop or a failure. Or is it?

-Akon, the well-known R&B star, sold about 5,000 copies his first week. And now, he holds a platinum plaque for his debut album TROUBLE.
-Lyfe Jennings: 6,000 copies his first week; also platinum.
-Maroon 5: 3,000 copies their first week; now multi-platinum.

While none of these artists that I named are rappers, they all understood the ingredients for success:
1)good music,
2)touring & great stage shows,
3)humble attitudes (checking their ego at the door), and finally
4)never giving up.

And of course it helps when you don't have Kanye West blackballing your career.

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