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August 07, 2006

Purple Rain is the best Prince album


According to Last Week's Poll
I figured last week's poll might end up a two-way race between Purple Rain, Prince's most popular album by far, and Sign o' the Times, arguably Prince's best album. Obviously I underestimated the popularity of Purple Rain.

  1. Purple Rain (153 votes)
  2. Sign o' the Times (50 votes)
  3. 1999 (29 votes)
  4. Dirty Mind (16 votes)

Which I suppose makes sense, with Purple Rain having both Prince's most popular single ("When Doves Cry") and a blockbuster film associated with it.

Sign o' the Times, interestingly enough, doesn't really have any huge mega-single associated with it on the level of a "When Doves Cry" or "Little Red Corvette," and the film version of it isn't nearly as popular as Purple Rain, but otherwise it's hard not to view it as his peak as an artist.

And nothing's particularly wrong with 1999 or Dirty Mind (other than, of course, the content). I'd put the latter ahead of the former, though I'm sure a case could be made for either of them. That said, I wouldn't put either of them up there with Purple Rain or Sign o' the Times.

Check out the post Bomani Jones did on the issue.

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