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August 25, 2006

Bol's new van

1999 Honda Odyssey mini van

Ladies and germs, you are now looking at the blog of an owner of a 1999 Honda Odyssey mini van. It used to be my mom's car, but she's getting a new one, model year-end closeout style.

For the past six or so years I had been driving a 1995 Honda Accord, which can be seen in this photo, situated right next to my "new" ride. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it, but it's not like it was getting any newer.

Essentailly, I was given a choice between keeping it and taking the van, which is worth four or five times more. It'll cost more to keep it in gas, but I should still come out like $20 ahead, which is good for a lap dance some places.

If any chicks are interested in doing the nasty in the back of this thing (as you can see, the back windows are tinted), hit me on the email. Since I do, after all, have a van, I'd be willing to travel up to 200 miles in any direction.

Not that there's anything in a 200 mile radius of this beeyotch.


Speaking of AIDS, it looks like Barack Obama is planning on traveling to Africa and taking an AIDS test as a publicity stunt. Is this a smart move for someone who's planning on running for president?

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