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July 17, 2006

White women are the sluttiest


Says the Results of Last Week's Poll
It's the rare occasion when you see one choice in a poll like this walk away with damn near 60% of the votes. But apparently, white chicks really are that slutty. Peep the results.

  1. White (325 votes)
  2. Hispanic (109 votes)
  3. Black (75 votes)
  4. Asian (43 votes)

Admittedly, I voted for white chicks myself and figured they'd take number one in this poll. And God bless them for it. Otherwise though, I'm not sure what to make of the results.

As much as latinos like to cop that we're the most hardworking, virtuous ethnic group pose, their women are pretty damn slutty. But are they sluttier than black women? Our nation's ghettos didn't just get filled with criminals by osmosis.


The results of next week's poll should be interesting. Go vote.

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