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July 19, 2006

Rhymefest's career = officially ethered


I figured Rhymefest wasn't going to sell very many albums his first week out, but this is just ridonkulous (via MTV):

Chicago rapper Rhymefest finishes at #61 with nearly 15,000 copies of Blue Collar snatched up.


Notice MTV is saying "nearly" 15,000 copies of Blue Collar snatched up. That means the album really sold something like 14,000 copies. Even the infamous Pimp C managed to sell 87,000 copies of his album, Pimpalation.

This can't possibly bode well for other hip-hop groups with limited commerical prospects like Lupe Fiasco, the Roots, and the Clipse, especially the ones that have to deal with their album being leaked way before its release date.

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