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July 11, 2006

dead prez and the Outlawz - 1Nation: Track Review


I remember when I saw dead prez live in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, they announced towards the end of their set that they had a new album coming out called Can't Sell Dope Forever. The audience, seemingly unaware of whether or not this was a joke, let loose with a healthy chuckle.

Come to find out, "Can't Sell Dope Forever" is a popular saying on t-shirts made by an Atlanta-based clothing company called Miseducated Society. Is there any relation to the once-prominent rap group Arrested Development? Who knows.

And dead prez really are coming out with an album called Can't Sell Dope Forever, a collaboration with 2Pac's old weed carriers the Outlawz. Which is interesting if you think about it: dead prez have essentially inherited 2Pac's old weed carriers. This is almost like when Jay-Z bailed Lil' Cease out of jail.

The first single is called "1Nation." It's got more of a West Coast feel, but in a good way. dead prez fans who found the M1 solo album a bit too grown and sexy should enjoy this. Even the Outlawz don't stink things up too much. There isn't much of a hook to speak of, but what are you gonna do?

Stream "1Nation."

  • dead prez and the Outlawz - "1Nation" (WM: High | Low)

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