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July 27, 2006

Cassie's Me & U Blow Job Rumor


It's True
As I revealed in my post yesterday at XXL, P. Diddy’s newest protégé Cassie has a dirty little secret: Her hit single "Me & U," currently the number three song in the country, is all about giving a guy a blow job. No Lance Bass.

If for some reason you've managed to go this long without hearing this mess, you can stream it at Cassie's MySpace profile to hear what I'm talking about.

And here I've gone through the song's lyrics, Elliott Wilson-style and revealed how they're all about polishing a knob. Again, nullus. I was too lazy to do all of that footnoting though, so my comments will just appear in italics between the song's verses.

Verse 1
You've been waiting so long
I'm here to answer your call
I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all
I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you

Bol Explains: They've been together for a while now, possibly as long as two weeks, but Cassie has been reticent to go down on her boyfriend. Because she's part-black. She's been thinking about it quite a bit though, because all girls secretly enjoy giving out blow jobs.

I know them other guys, they been talking bout the way I do what I do
They heard I was good, they wanna see if it's true
They know you're the one I wanna give it to
I can see you want me too
Now, it's me and you

Bol Explains: Cassie has already gone down on about half the guys at school, and word has gotten out. Which of course means that the other half of the guys at school are lined up to take their turn. Unfortunately for them (and isn't this always the case?), she's only got her mind set on one guy's unit. And soon her lips will be as well.

It's me and you, now
I've been waiting (Waiting)
Think I wanna make that move, now
Baby, tell me if you like it (Tell me if you like it)
It's me and you, now
I've been waiting
Think I wanna make that move, now
Baby, tell me how you like it

Bol Explains: The prospect of a man's unit in Cassie's mouth finally becomes too much to bear, and so she drops down to her knees and gives her boyfriend what he's been hearing about and waiting to experience for going on two weeks now. She wants to know if it's all he imagined it would be. It probably is.

Verse 2
I was waiting for you to tell me you were ready
I know what to do, if only you would let me
As long as you're cool with it, I'll treat you right
Here is where you wanna be

Bol Explains: You see, some girls will just voluntarily drop to their knees and start blowing a guy, because they understand that this is really all the guy wants out of life, let alone a relationship. Other gilrs like for a guy to order them, and in some cases grab the back of their head and point them in the right direction.



Verse 3
Baby, I'll love you all the way down
Get cha right where you like it, I promise you'll like it (I swear)
Just relax and let me make that move (It's our secret thang)
Keep it between me and you

Bol Explains: Cassie's boyfriend was concerned that she was going to suck him right up until the point when the poison was ready to come out and then back off, as some girls are wont to do. But Cassie assures him that she has no problem swallowing his load, as long as he doesn't tell anyone.

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