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May 12, 2006

Ari Shaffir, the Amazing Racist

Ari Shaffir, the Amazing Racist

Branching off from today's other post, about the Amazing Racist video, I thought a little analysis was in order. Like I said, I found it wrong, in a way, but still pretty dang hilarious. If you haven't already, go ahead and check it out.

On the one hand, I don't know that there's anything particularly wrong with turning a buncha illegal immigrants in to INS La Migra, or whatever it is they call it. If they're here against the law, then they need to go to jail, or in this case, back to Mexico. That said, pretending he was taking them to his house to build a deck could viewed as entrapment. Word to Sean Connery.

Sadly, from what I understand, the whole thing was staged. Those mojados were just actors, and that place might not have even been a real immigration office. Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia entry for the Amazing Racist has been removed, not unlike my own entry. Supposedly, this had to do with "notability" issues, but some people are claiming censorship.

Check the article's discussion page at Wikipedia.

Also, I've heard the argument made that the Amazing Racist isn't actually racist, but that he might be working a similar angle as Sara Silverman, who, interestingly enough a) also doesn't claim to be a racist, and b) also happens to be Jewish. Coincidence?

After the jump is another one of the guy's videos, this one attacking various forms of "orientals." The cringe factor might even be worse than the other one, especially since most Asians are here legally, but the part about the Japanese blowing up Pearl Harbor is right on.

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