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March 07, 2006

KRS-One is nuts (nullus)


You know, if there's two groups of people in hip-hop I could do without, it's on the one hand these poor old bastards who invented rap music, became crackheads, haven't done anything worthwhile since, and have subsequently built careers (so to speak) on being patronized by lonely Chinese kids, and on the other hand these "hip-hop scholar" types. Who needs either of them?

You can imagine my amusement, then, when I read that members of these two groups (some of whom may actually belong to both groups!) were recently involved in some huge, bizarre clusterfuck.

In case you missed it the other day at Clyde Smith's desolate (though increasingly resourceful!) press release depository Pro Hip Hop, KRS-One recently had a... um, Clyde Smith-like moment at some hip-hop conference at Stanford University, alma mater of Hillary Clinton, the black chick from the Real World Boston and, famously, my 11th grade English teacher's daughter.

Oh, and Condollezza Rice. Or did she just teach there?

I'm not sure what the purpose of this conference was or who all was there, but from what I could gather from the audio, among those in attendance were KRS-One, Davey D, a woman, Stic Man from Dead Prez, Boots Riley from The Coup, and Chief Rocker Busy Bee.

KRS-One apparently had some old beef with this guy Adisa Gonbufu based on some shit he'd written about him. Chief Rocker Busy Bee was concerned that he was the only one there from The Bronx, though that turned out to be mostly untrue. Davey D, based on his performance, must have a strong background in semantics.

Altogether, this may have been the single most hilarious event since the infamous best plane ride ever.

Checkit (MP3s):

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