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March 29, 2006

Ironic sex with black women

Hipster couple

The Next Wave in Hipsterdom
The recent unfortunate incident in Durham, North Carolina brings to light what I feel may be the next big thing in the hipster community - the new trucker hat, if you will. Namely, white male hipsters, for the sake of irony, will begin dating black women.

Already, hipsters have been known to date Asian women and really short white women (who are also Asian in a sense) for the sheer irony of it, as can be seen in this handy diagram. But after the events of this past weekend, these two groups may not prove to be quite ironic enough any longer.

The average Asian broad, having been adopted by rich white people at birth, may not be ethnic enough to be truly ironic. And what's ironic about having sex with a white woman, really, regardless of her height? You'd almost have to violate her in some way to make that case.

Black women, on the other hand, seem to be moving further and further from the American mainstream culturally, even as they make certain strides economically (thanks to a special tax credit corporations receive for employing them). How else to explain the popularity of Tyler Perry?

Where as a white or hispanic woman begins to feel inferior (and rightfully so) after putting on a few extra pounds, a black woman can put on seemingly any amount of weight and pretend as if there's no difference at all. That's ironic. Don't even get me started on that infamous black woman attitude!

With black women's newfound financial independence and the hipster's constant need to up the ante on the irony, this should work out well for both groups. Preference may be given to women with proud black names such as Precious and Sharonda, but any ol' heifer would do, provided she's not too attractive.

That would ruin the effect.

[Before any of you d-bags attempt to flame me for this one, it should be noted that a) I'm against racism and b) I date women for their personality first, then their personal appearance.]

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