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March 30, 2006

Illegal immigrants = racists

Our new flag

While proponents of illegal immigration like to portray blacks and other groups who oppose it as racists, the truth of the matter is that it's the illegal immigrants themselves and their supporters who are the real racists.

First of all, as US Congressman Kevin Powell, formerly of MTV's "The Real World" and also woman beating, will be quick to tell you, black people can't even be racist. Because in order for a group to be racist, it has to have power over another group.

As was mentioned recently in the New York Times, black people don't have power over shit. Many companies will hire a lesser qualified hispanic person over a black person, which is one of the many factors, along with hip-hop, leading to the current crisis in the black community.

Yet and still, anytime the topic of illegal immigration is brought up, the first thing you hear from the mouths of hispanics and other proponents of illegal immigration is that an hispanic person will take a job a black man won't, because black people are lazy.

But then these assholes are the first ones to shout racism anytime someone supports legislation that might keep them from illegally entering our country, driving down our wages, and driving us out of our own neighborhoods.

A lesson for my hispanic brothers and sisters who, understandably, may not have been taught this elsewhere: When you make a generalization about an entire group of people based on their race, that's called racism.

Most people who are against illegal immigration could care less about the racial make-up of the people breaking into our country. It's the illegal immigrants themselves and their supporters in the business community who continue to inject race into the debate.


Also, as it turns out, illegal immigrants are virulently anti-semitic.


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