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January 28, 2006

Oprah Is A Stupid Bitch

Oprah Is A Stupid Bitch

God damn. Looks like people are finally starting to figure out what a herb Oprah is. I mean I guess if you're a stay at home mom making sure your bebbies don't grow up to be the next Trenchcoat Mafia or some shit and you don't have cable there really isn't shit else on whenever her abortion of a show is on you have an excuse for watching it. But only because people with little ass kids are pretty much disconnected from reality in the first place (though much love to people who actually raise their kids rather than putting them in a fucking day care so their heads get all fucked up and they end up knocking my food tray over at Burger King).

Anyway that was kind of a tangent, the real point of this post is that after that James Frey douchebag wrote that fake ass book about being a heroin addict or whatever and Oprah went all, you know, Oprah about it the book was found to be a bunch of made up shit and now the "Queen Of Daytime Television"'s credibility is in question and everyone's kind of waking up to the fact that she's essentially a moron who should never have been on TV in the first place. Shit is Geraldo still around? We should kick her off TV and give her show to that dude. Anyway, she was going to have this amazing confrontation where she "cornered" this evil man and defended her honor in front of the world, which was actually just a shallow ploy to get her ratings back. Well bizzah bitch, no huge ratings hike for you. People without and with brains are finally figuring out that your show sucks and so do you. Now go away please.

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