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January 23, 2006

Nas signs with Def Jam

Nas and Jay-Z

There's a big thing about it in today's Times. Nullus. Nas' label Sony Music and Def Jam have agreed to some convoluted arrangement in which the next two Nas albums will be released as joint ventures between the two labels. Def Jam will bankroll the projects and split any profits with Sony after recouping its expenses.

One can presume that this next Nas album will feature some sort of collaboration between the two old fellows and that the labels are expecting to capitalize off the hype that would generate. Also, Sony may be looking to cut its losses after the disappointment that was Streets Disciple.

A few things that occurred to me (nullus):

  • How come Nas doesn't get to be president of Sony Music?
  • Will Jay finally be fired from his fake position when this only goes gold?
  • Was the timing of this announcement meant as Jay's response to Cam'ron?
  • Has Juelz been dropped yet or will Jay string him along to spite Cam'ron?

It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out. Hopefully, the album will turn out well, but I wonder what the commercial prospects for something like this would be now, a good ten years past Nas' commercial peak and five years even since his still only marginally interesting beef with Jay. Are Sony and Def Jam kidding themselves?

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