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December 09, 2005

Blackface Jesus controversy


So there's this guy, Blackface Jesus, who shows up to "hipster" parties dressed up as... well, Jesus in blackface. He's also managed to pop up in NY media blog Gawker like four times now, which has gotten some of the Axis of PC types upset.

Hashim, who kinda looks like Biggie, sayeth:

The problem I have is not with his existence, but the passive acceptance by the other party goers who are with him, and the recurring big-ups he's been getting from Gawker, a blog about NY media...

...For me, this is an example of White male privilege being flaunted at it's worst. He rocks blackface because well, he can. And Gawker can highlight him as a funny ironic joke over and over because they can. Even in New York where Whites are the minority.

Yeah, you tell 'em, Hashim!

Clyde Smith, who is a woman, pops up in the comments and of course tries to turn this into an attack on me:

I don't know what's up with this Blackface Jesus guy or NY hipsters but I do know that if he was a hip hop blogger, a lot of folks would be saying that you should be worried about the "real enemies".

Not me, of course.

PS-If you don't catch my historical reference, just ignore me. Everyone else does.

Yeah, shut the fuck up, Clyde.

A site called Mixed Media Watch (seriously), meanwhile, is pissed:

White people like "Blackface Jesus" think that they have somehow "transcended" racism. Maybe because they hang out with black people, have black friends, or even fuck [excuse my French] black men or women, that means that they couldn’t possibly subscribe to the same racist notions as did the less open-minded previous generations. Sorry to disappoint, fellas, but you guys grew up to be EXACTLY like them.


Anyhoo, I'm failing to see what the big deal is here, but I suppose that's to be expected. It'll be interesting to see if Blackface Jesus himself responds to any of this. Maybe I'll try to email him.


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