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November 17, 2005

D Block on Hot 97

Sheek Louch arrested on his birthday

Maybe this is old news for my NY readers, but the losers in D Block (including birthday boy Sheek LaRouche) recently did an interview on Hot 97 and the shit got mad, um, hot! Honestly, this might have been the greatest radio interview I've ever heard in my life, and I've heard some doozies. Nullus.

The occasion was D Block announcing that they've got beef with Diddy wrt him still owning 50% of their publishing, I guess in an attempt to jump-start another campaign a la "Free the Lox" from like 5 years ago.

Alleged details of their situation with Diddy:

  • They're on their 7th lawyer trying to get their publishing back
  • They paid "$3 million or close to it" to get off of Bad Boy in the first place
  • The amount Diddy's jacked them for since then is estimated at "a couple million"
  • Everytime Jada puts out an album, Diddy gets a $300,000 advance, which Jada then has to recoup (!!!)

According to Jada, whenever they try to approach Diddy to discuss this, he refers them to his lawyers. And since Diddy runs with too much security for them to just run up on him, Jada threatens to drop a stainless steel refrigerator from a skyscraper onto Diddy's head. Seriously.

Then Diddy himself actually calls up and just starts screaming on them as if he was their father or some shit. I was so embarassed for them, and I don't even like the Lox (the rap group, I mean). According to Diddy, they can come up and see him whenever they want. Also, let's not forget they just did "All About the Benjamins" with him at the "I Declare War" concert the other day.

Jadakiss reveals that Diddy still owns BIG's publishing, which obviously touched a nerve.

Then it goes on for another good 20 minutes or so of whining. Jada describes how they plan to continue a recording career without putting out any actual albums. Lil' Cease calls up to comiserate and suggests that if any Lox fans see Diddy out in public, to "steal on him."

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