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November 21, 2005

Clyde Smith is a woman

First of all, a little background, on the outside chance that you haven't been following this site since 2004, or whenever it began:

  • Clyde Smith is a 47 year-old man who's been blogging about hip-hop since 2002 and has yet to find an audience
  • Bol is literally half his age and managed to build up a substantial audience in a matter of months
  • Clyde Smith got jealous and started a campaign in mid 2004 to have my site delinked from other hip-hop blogs

He claimed to have an issue with my use of the term "no homo," but of course the real issue was the fact that I was finding an audience and he wasn't.

As Clyde Smith himself wrote back in February of this year:

I think you've bought into a lie and his obsessive use of such terms, as you went on to describe the Cam'Ron no homo bullshit, denies the obvious fact, whatever else he's up to, he's creating a space for intolerance and his traffic has been on a steady upcurve for awhile. I know this from his sitemeter link which you can find on his site.

Why am I bringing all this bullshit up now? Clyde Smith is back at it again, this time pissed about Information Leafblower's list of The Top 40 Bands in America Today. At 2:15 this morning he wrote an email to Hashim's Hip Hop Bloggers group complaining that he wasn't invited to contribute.

Says the yoga instructor:

I found the 40 best acts link... via a link from a blog at Entertainment Weekly, so I'm curious about music blogs getting attention at that level.

So you begin to see what this is about. Clyde Smith is under the impression that if he had been invited to contribute, someone over at Entertainment Weekly would have discovered his blog and made him rich and famous, thus erasing the past 47 years of his worthless, pathetic little life.

The jealous woman continues:

I'm also interested in who becomes prominent in the hip hop scene. There was an early phase in which Eric at Stink Zone put out a call to create a network of bloggers and suddenly I found myself associated with folks like Eric, Jay Smooth, Oliver Wang, Lynne d Johnson and Hashim Warren, among others. Early this year, Eric stopped blogging.

Ah, so who "counts" and who doesn't count in the hip-hop blogging scene should be decided by a committee primarily consisting of, presumably, Clyde Smith and the staff of Entertainment Weekly, not the actual kids (myself included) who frequent these sites.

You wonder if it ever occurred to Clyde Smith that he wasn't invited to contribute to this year's list because his blogs fucking suck.

I'm sure posting excerpts from another dude's email is crossing some kind of line (nullus), but this is from the actual email ILB sent to this year's contributors:

...So this year I've trimmed the fat of the invite list, inviting only the best of the best to participate. If you're getting this email, then I read and respect your work and feel like you'd be an asset to this year's list.

So there you have it: This year ILB only reached out to the best music blogs. Clyde Smith wasn't contacted because his shit is not among the best of anything.

If Clyde Smith wants to be included in next year's list, he should step his fucking game up. Failing that, I think I will be writing a letter to Entertainment Weekly explaining to them Clyde Smith's dilemma and requesting that his name be mentioned somewhere in next week's issue. Hopefully, this will be the act that turns his life around, but I figure at the very least he can cut it out and mail it to his mother.

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