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October 21, 2005

Young Jeezy is gully

Young Jeezy is gully

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Young Cheesey's baby's mother was trying to take him for $20,000 a month on some child support shit. She claimed that he was living in a mansion in Atlanta, wearing "high styles" and kicking it with Beyonce and Jay-Z, and thus it would now cost an extra $19,822 per month for her to feed, clothe and transport their child.

Since 2001 she's been receiving $178 a month from Cheesey - not a huge amount to be sure, but then how much does it really cost to feed a child anyway? I can eat pretty well on $6 a day myself, and I'm roughly the size of 10 children. Also, having worked at a Big Gay Mart, I happen to know for a fact that baby clothes can be had for as little as $.10 per item.

(If you pretend as if you're considering aborting the child, an organization called Birthright International will give you a voucher for $100, which according to my calculations (I used an actual calculator) could clothe about 1000 children, give or take a few.)

Jeezey, who's obviously far too intelligent to be taken for that kind of loot, has claimed in a deposition that he owns no cars, homes, jewelry or other assets and that he receives no income other than a $35 per diem. If the kid is going to receive any kind of increase in support, it's going to have to come out of that.

As ridonkulous as it sounds, I've heard plenty of stories of artists that make basically no money, at least on paper. When 2Pac died it turned out that prettty much everything he had was owned by Suge Knight. That could very well be the case here. But if it'll make the baby's mother feel that much better, perhaps he can arrange for the child to kick it with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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