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October 31, 2005

Rosa Parks = not a holla back girl

Rosa Parks = not a holla back girl

Yahoo! Music:

Gwen Stefani paid her respects to the late civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks over the weekend, in Parks' home town of Detroit. During her concert Saturday (October 29) at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Stefani dedicated her socially conscious "Long Way To Go," from her solo album Love*Angel*Music*Baby, to Parks.

You wonder if her gang of little Asian women did any sort of special dance.


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Funkmaster Flex took payola from 50 Cent

Funkmaster Flex took payola from 50 Cent

Granted it's not news that Funkmaster Flex takes money to play records, but I figured some people would be interested in learning why Fiddy's songs are coming on some stations literally every 15 minutes.

Last week or maybe two weeks ago I brought you the story of how 50 Cent has been flying hip-hop DJs out to Las Vegas for free champagne and lap dances. Well, a while ago I was watching one of these dumbass car episodes of MTV Cribs in which the Funkmaster more or less reveals he takes payola from Fiddy.

Funky Flex was on there showing off some car customization dealership he owns (presumably, not on a radio DJ's salary) and some cars they had customized for celebrities. One of them was this red convertible he had designed for 50 Cent.

The car didn't really strike me as being all that special, but then Funky revealed that one of the passenger seats swiveled around for easy access to lap dances (seriously). Then (and here's the thing) Funker looked dead into the camera and said with a wink, I heard he's into that sort of thing.

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The achievement gap = closed

The achievement gap = closed

According to an article in today's Post-Dispatch, the achievement gap between black and white students is finally beginning to close. Of course the bad news is that this has nothing to do with black kids actually getting smarter.

Sez the local fishwrap:

The gap in academic achievement between black and white students in the St. Louis area has decreased in the past five years, according to findings released Sunday of the first comprehensive study of school districts' efforts to reduce the gap - but only because the academic performance of white students dropped more than that of black students.

I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the headline I thought to myself, Alright, these little jigs are finally starting to get it together. But now that I think about it, I realize that nothing I've experienced in the past five years has suggested to me that this would be the case.

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Bums sue the police


The city of St. Louis, which obviously doesn't have any money to spare, recently agreed to pay a group of 25 bums $80,000 to settle a lawsuit in which the city's police were accused of jailing them in order to clear downtown for the 4th of July weekend last year.

I guess technically it's illegal to throw people in jail for being bums, but what else are you going to do with them, especially on 4th of July weekend? The problem with the bums here in St. Louis is that none of them have any special skills.

In other cities, you can at least get them to dance for you or some shit. All the bums around here know how to do is stick their motherfucking hands out. Also, they stink and there's always the outside chance that they might attack you and you'd be left with no other choice but to kill one of them.

Per the terms of the agreement, the bums will split $30,000 (i.e $1,200 per bum). An additional $20,000 will go to pay for meals and other services for the homeless while the remaining amount will cover "legal fees," says the Associated Press.

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October 30, 2005

The Game Is A Retard


I figure I'll take a bit of time here to wish all you dumbasses a happy Halloween (nullus). Any of you in the Redneck Ghetto area (yeah right) will notice a 6 foot 1 dude in a chipmunk suit. That's me.
Anyway, while we're on the subject of Halloween, it looks from here like your boy Game was so enthusiastic about the mask he was wearing at the mall that he refused to remove it, and the oinkos decided to arrest him. Tsk Tsk.

News Record sez:
"GREENSBORO — Popular rapper The Game might not end up doing his Christmas shopping at Four Seasons Town Centre this year.

The Los Angeles rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, was arrested Friday afternoon at the mall, hours before he was to perform at Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem.

Both he and a bodyguard were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer, according to arrest warrants. Taylor, 25, was sprayed with pepper spray during the incident, Greensboro police said.

Taylor posted a $500 bond and was released from Guilford County jail about 9 p.m.

He had not performed as of press time Friday night, but coliseum staff reported he was in the building. The specifics of the incident were not entirely clear Friday, but police said the arrest stemmed from a confrontation that began when Taylor was asked to remove a Halloween mask he was wearing. According to the warrant, Taylor walked away from a police officer while being placed under arrest and said, “You ain’t gonna take me in".

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