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September 05, 2005

The shittiest days in recent history

President Mengele

It didn't take too long after this most recent Shittiest Day Ever for someone to put forth the question of whether or not it was actually worse than 9/11. I was going to bust out a post comparing the two, but then I decided I might as well just compile a list, in backwards Fitz order, of the five shittiest days in recent memory.

5) December 14, 2000
Does everybody remember the 2000 Presidential election? I was a sophomore in college at the time and of course had no idea that everything that was good was so quickly coming to an end. In fact, I didn't even bother to vote. I had been registered to vote since I turned 18 back in 1999, but I wasn't about to travel all the way  from Chicken Switch, MO, where I went to school, back to Creve Coeur just to vote. Man, fuck that shit!

I first knew something was up around 7 in the evening, when I began to see news reports of jigs lined up outside of polling places in the "urban" part of St. Louis, raising all kinds of hell. Turns out they were told that if they stood in line, they would eventually get their chance to vote. But when it got time to close, it was announced that they were all SOL. You'll remember that it was announced later that evening that Gore won, but then it was announced again that Bush had won, which is what I went to sleep thinking that night.

Then there was the whole thing with Florida and the recount and the protests and Bush Mengele's dirty tricks specialists, who we'd get to know so well, decending upon that state and the Supreme court getting together so that the so-called Rehnquist Five (thank you, cancer) could get together to elect Young Bushitler the next President. I remember watching Al Gore go on TV that day in mid December to announce he was giving up and thinking, Shit!

4) March 20, 2003
I should note that I'm ranking this list based on how traumatic these events seemed at the time. So for example, the fact that Bushitler managed to gank the 2000 election from Gore the way he did was some fucked up shit that had all kinds of bad ramifications, but who really saw that coming?

This second Iraq War was different in that the buildup to it stretched all the way back to around the time of 9/11, not to mention the fact that there had been another Iraq war just 10 years prior. So everyone knew that a) This war was bullshit and b) Lots of people were about to die for nothing.

Indeed, lots more people have died as a direct result of this date than any of the others, but then they were all either a) Iraqis (who gives a shit about them?) b) Our Nazi-like troops (serves them right) or c) Poor bastards who didn't have a choice (what else were they about to do, anyway?).

3) August 29, 2005
aka Like a week ago today. Even though people had been warning us as early as the 26th that New Orleans was about to get fucking rocked and that as many as 100,000 people might die, I'm with the President in that this one pretty much caught me off guard. I mean, this is the second time in the last 4 years that some fucked up shit has happened the weekend of the MTV Video Music Awards. It's not like they can move it back to the first weekend in September.

But who am I kidding, they didn't even stop football last week.

2) September 11, 2001
Actually, I remember having to play at a football game the weekend after 9/11. It's one of my few vivid memories of that era, being now a year or so after the fact. They had given us that Thursday off from classes, but I guess rescheduling the game would've completely fucked up the rest of the season. I wasn't on the team or anything, but I played the tuba in the marching band. No John Stockton. I remember it was probably the nastiest day I've ever seen where it didn't actually rain.

That whole period after 9/11, regardless of the actual relative magnitude of the event (3,000 people = weak), was probably the most fucked period this nation will go through in my lifetime, barring the actual apocalypse, which feels way more probable now than it ever should.

1) November 2, 2004
Still, I don't know how much 9/11 really bothered me on a personal level. Maybe if I knew someone who died in New York or Louisiana or I cared about anyone in Iraq, then those events would be in the number one spot on this list.

November 2, 2004, or thereabouts, was pretty much the moment I gave up on trying. I knew going into this day what was going to happen, and again I didn't really bothering doing anything that might have helped the situation. But compared to the 19-year-old Bol, the 23-year-old Bol knew that there was no use anyway.

Now I just hope I don't die in some nasty tragedy.

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